''e's interesting and has good moves, long work

Posted in Uncategorized by tetradugenica on July 14, 2010

How does One Stay fine looking, glamourous egg cooking?

DO have a silly naive twink  makeup slave that lives in your makeup laboratory. He is  brewing up new creations, conjuring new shades of nail polish, orange or grey, and he sleeps on a lazy susan  futon/storage bottle copter on the corner.  And the twink tells you about this. Apparently the guy who’s doing it at a very young age at down at a garden show.  He got a sunflower in his butt. And it drove him to madness. He has to wear dark glasses to keep the sun out of his eyes. So the flower doesn’t explode his intestine. A story so typical of the inner city

Bulletins I missed:  Screams and Screams and screams

Myf Kittyn:  Benjamin button stuck his dick in my mouth while i fell asleep! this is fucking awesome!

Myf Kittyn:  How many pieces of candy am I going to eat on July 4? How many you got?

Myffie:  you want to see a crab that can read minds & who is friends with a seabird who steals chips???

Myffie: Fuck america and fuck the fourth of july! fuck my dick and suck it and fuck my boy pussy all day!



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