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How do you keep your young son from becoming Gay?

Posted in Uncategorized by tetradugenica on July 14, 2010

First an anecdote:  my mommy killed me pets because she said ”gay does not deserve this companion mutt,” and use her axe to cut them  away from me 😦

Her axe was sharp and heavy, cut me and let my airy wiry sorft pretzely arm puff and hiss on the ground. The 3 fat doctors with their avant gard haircuts  reattached all parts missing, added more, and more, until I become more than myself, and something less than a whole.   on the right? allright.

The professor at university called Aliks says to my mommy” the presence of a hound dog can make your gay little man straight.”   My mommy heard this and felt a great feeling of joy on her body. So I am the last hunter.

She tell me the news, I respond “ME touch doggy, make me doggy? from spirit connect??”

Scholar Aliks say to my mother on this phone “ my new book Gay-Nine relates sizes of dogs owned as a child to adults’ sexuality.”

This goes to show that the small dog will make a boy have small penis,  which make him become like woman.  Get boy large dog, with masculine properties.  And it must kill the animals all days to show the boy aggressive behavior.

IF you do not allow your young boy to see the animals of legend such as dragon, he won’t grow to be evil , to emulate this rude flying snake with its terrible power.  Make your boy watch the virtuous bear protect his family. Or watch the proud sturgeon pass upstream with the speed of a horse.

Question from my mother: When Is A Boy ‘Old Enough’ To Look At A Girl

“ How many erotic photoshoot can dyou do with boy before his mind break”

Professor alikks shows new new study: Homosexuals received a lot of attention from their Mothers. It’s all right in front of us. If your child sees a woman, and she is not under dominace of man, he will become homosexual.

JaZzzed up warriors contain the issue and remain popular, smoking incense, chaing personality baed on fragrnace. everyone is hairless, and arhced , housing that shortens our rooves and we scoop out th ert underneath, still supported scalloped. No signifigance to any shape, 2o f these. We have backup.  We have buttons, we shine shinly, and we wear dark colors, and lightt ripms.  We  killed 1000 fat old men who long for monarchy and pray to the status quo.  Every man a king and everyone else a slave taking out the shit pot. And we all died over and over agian.

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