''e's interesting and has good moves, long work

saw the boat/touched the lips

Posted in Uncategorized by tetradugenica on July 14, 2010

I was at the bottom of the garden, muck-sunk.  my captain, tunneled into the head of a worm. made a new life  in the worm, they followed me. . the highest rise of the damned is the highest point of man. Worm man s Food, mink-like taste, this taste?

Down in the muck state i live with deep mud fish, mudmen  and we get together and praise the beautiful and dark, we’re all miracles of courage. We fold muck paper and learn that each of us was marked for stealing a gray bird in scripture.

40 years mudded with the eyes of a black dog, bubble shaking eyeball bubble popping. vision not left but leaving for the surface, their surface and we see everything we’ve ever said or resaid the mayor of the city shows your other face in the mud mirrior

mud wife, drippy black,  her lips, our lips floppy and mudd filled bursting after i filled them with ionzed metal solution, gold plated lips, silver plated lips, copper fins, exploded  retired and mud filled.   This is my wife. this is the olympics.  nothing but gold and silver nothing

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