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Caveman Bashing a Bone

Posted in Uncategorized by tetradugenica on May 22, 2016

(Written a long time ago after a sorry event, capitalized and spell checked today)

Again it’s come to this. Whistled notes communicate the universal unease.  Everything seems to live and die ,over and over, youre having to meet everyhing at the moment in between.

Put both hands in front of your body. Now put them in the airs of the skulls in front of you

Keep touching until you can feel the opposite finger. Strike it once until it makes that forever note. Now watch as it vibrates the fake breast , they dont know walking, stealing urges  with salt water is no different than any witch’s tricks. The charms against witchcraft have become pale skin, the tan being the indication of acceptance. They’ve planned all their future conversations from tv shows about people who are supposed to be them. Four people together licking their shells off, rubbing them with mineral oils til the skin starts showing, and we see the little fringe below the nose that shakes, and we see these down leg spots.   Seeing it gets you ready. You’ll be ready after you spot it. And you touch it to be hungry, if youre not. Lions shake around you, rolling in place like they’re on spits , paws smash your skulls in. Dead and eaten again. Dead to be reborn again. Coming out of a pretty plant again or the stupid dirt mountain again. We never have acknowledged it. We just push our own hands up each others suits. Or skirt suits. We rode in a car together. Does that mean something. That we rode in a car. We can do our best not to bother once another but we’ve been taught to hate anything that doesnt entertain us. I’m entertained by all the worst things. I love the worst things. And I got fucked by the worst people. It’s the best thing. Now we can just fall asleep over this agian.

Aligned again and all we need is this card. Si was taught by a dead man under a mountain, that looking at the window at passersby is the best way to  become insane. Anyone who sees a person and who isnt seen by the person they’ve seen has added one foot towards the grey black with white highlighted that houses all the crazy misery.  Just go out and hit them if you have nothing to say. At least disagree about something good

Be with a person who pays you to be whotever you dont want to be. Thats how I did it. That’s how I know. We’ve made enoug n money to do everyhing we wanted and instead spent it on  on things we never want for the preson we didn’t want to be.   Now we climb these climbable rocks and love the progress of the person who climbed the rock with us. With us. Ask your friends how to look better. Lok better.  Clean you up. If youre clean you’ll ready to fuck. If youre dirty youre ready to fuck as well . But a different person.

Or the same at another time.

It’s cloase enough. at leat for now.

finish when im better. or you can finish it


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